The Weighlog 300 is a user-friendly on-board weighing system that can be used for a variety of applications including check-weighing incoming goods, trailer and hopper loading and batch blending.

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Weighlog 300


  • Multiple channels allow the load accumulation on different attachments,¬†different products or customers.
  • Ensures correct loading of vehicles or product.
  • Can be used for weighing in all conditions.
  • Printer compatible, allowing stock records to be kept.
  • Speed of lift compensation allows use by numerous vehicle operators.
  • Optional capability of up to two pressure sensors.



  • 5 display channels available with grand total summary.
  • Static and dynamic weighing modes for full ‘on the lift’ weighing capability.
  • Automatic or manual accumulation.
  • Live weight reading function for trailer weighing applications.
  • Net bucket weight lifted displayed at any time.
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