The ICP 300 printer is the ideal printer for industrial and agricultural vehicles. An ultra-lightweight and low power printer, it isdesigned for heavy-duty use in the harshest environments.

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ICP 300 Printer


  • Provides legible hard-copy print-outs of loading activity.
  • Facilitates invoice preparation.
  • Eliminates time-consuming manual record-keeping.
  • Provides error-free records.
  • Simplifies COSHH/FEPA record keeping.



  • Easy paper-feed mechanism, allowing the quick replacement of feeder roll.
  • High-speed, high resolution printing capability.
  • High reliability line head mechanism.
  • Robust, shockproof housing.
  • 5¬†Kbytes buffer ram allows simultaneous use of printer and instrument.
  • Accepts ASCII format data.

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