The RDS Combine Moisture Meter 100 is an easy to use moisture meter for combines that gives the operator a continuous and dynamic display of grain moisture.

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CMM 100



  • Live display of grain moisture content during harvesting, eliminating the need to stop regularly and test moisture content.
  • Fast and easy adjustment of moisture calibration to match reference measurements through the “nudge” function.
  • Helps identify if conditions are, or are becoming, unsuitable for combining.
  • Allows grain to be stored in the optimum location according to drying requirements.
  • Can be calibrated for use with any combinable crop.



  • Highly visible back-lit display and keypad for use in all light conditions.
  • Six different channels enable calibration for up to six different crop types.
  • Grain temperature display.
  • Moisture calibration “nudge” function to manually adjust moisture reading to agree with a “reference meter” e.g. the meter at the grain store.
  • Visual and audible alarms to warn off excess moisture.
  • Optional external audible alarm.
  • Low grain indicator to show when insufficient grain is passing over the sensor (e.g. at start-up)



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